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Folding Chair is a must-have for those spaces where one is finding enough room for seating. So, if your heavenly abode is always open to your friends and family or you are looking for a convenient and affordable option for office lobby, this is it. It can be easily unfolded when one wants to use it and leaves ample space to roam around when folded. Furthermore, this unique piece of furniture comes handy in a space where children reside as it can be quickly folded and doesn’t come in their way while they are playing or moving around aimlessly. This is just not a product of convenience but appeal as well.

Are you looking for a chair that is easy to handle and looks modern at the same time? No, you need not spend a fortune nor you need a huge space accommodating a giant piece. In fact, it is entirely opposite as such a chair will demand limited space on a wall and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Folding Chair is the one that can be mounted on a wood stud or masonry wall and is used when you want to use it. It is made of pinewood & rubberwood and can take 130 Kg weight. Also, safety is not an issue as the best material has been used to assemble it and to ensure it doesn’t slide down from the wall. It is safe for pregnant lady, aged and overweight person.

 Folding Chair will make you tick all the boxes on your checklist- durability, safety, less space, elegance, sturdy, lightweight, and affordable. Moreover, it is a useful product for both private and public space. It is as good for trial rooms, gym, hospital waiting area, stadium guard stations, green rooms, locker rooms as much it is for kitchen, dressing room, balcony, and bathroom. It can be mounted near shoe rack and you will no longer have to wear your footwear while standing. Similarly, you can use it to put on your pair of jeans and trousers.

 Less Space

Do you believe in minimalistic when it comes to a home utility like furniture? You want it to be in the vicinity but visible only when you want to use it, the folding chair will meet this requirement of yours perfectly. This chair is the right choice not just to minimize clutter but also optimize space.

Doesn’t Obstruct Your Way 

This rubber and pinewood chair is mounted to the wall and is foldable, there is no way it will obstruct your way even when it is open, nevertheless close. It is a preferred choice for the most and especially those who have children at home.


Folding Chair is furniture of purpose, utility, and elegance. It is no less than your regular furniture. It has a clean line, glossy finish and minimal hardware. It enhances the profile of the room both home & office and makes your space look modern.

Buy this product and worry not as it comes with a year’s warranty in case you have any complaints. If you are looking for quality products at economical rate, this Folding Chair will not disappoint you!

  • Dust the folding chair from time to time to avoid build-up of dirt.
  • Wipe clean with mild cleaner or soapy solution.
  • You can also use a clean dry cloth for dust off.
  • Wipe away spills, if any, promptly.
  • Avoid rubbing the chair with abrasive pads, coarse steel wool or cheesecloth, as they contain an abrasive starch.
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